1. Mary Pat Fisk

    Grief will have its way and you just have to let it take its course. There’s no right timeline. I enjoyed reading your tribute and I hope you find comfort and renewed purpose in writing once more!

    • Laurie O'Connor Stephans

      Thank you, Ed. In case you didn’t see it last June, please read my eulogy of Marty. You’ll wish you knew him, too.

    • Laurie O'Connor Stephans

      Thanks, Dawn. I appreciate you taking time to comment. If you didn’t see it last June, please go back and read my eulogy of Marty. Obviously, he’s worth knowing!

      Hope all is well with you and your family!


  2. Vick E. Riley

    So sorry for you loss…. the last 20 years was to be my retirement years. Full of things, active retirees do. Little did I know I would be come a caregiver for my mom, dad, brother-in-law, and hubby. At times it almost has taken my soul, just managing to write about the experiences as hard as it has been, probably saved my life. Find the humor in all things…… it saves lives

    • Laurie O'Connor Stephans

      Thanks for your thoughtful words. Couldn’t agree more about the power of writing. So glad it has helped you cope with life’s challenges.

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